Maths & Stats Single Standard Workbooklets for NCEA Level 1

Tuesday January 19, 2016 11:01 am by admin

Teachers and students involved in NCEA Level 1 classes in 2016 should be aware that Sigma has completed both the English and the Maths & Stats single standard workbooklets for NCEA Level 1. These new stand-alone workbooks can be purchased at any time during the year and students need only buy the workbooks for the standards they are studying, thereby spreading the cost over the whole year and getting more study material on the individualised course they are working on.


The final Statistic standards (AS1.12 ‘Chance and Data’ and AS1.13 ‘Elements of Chance’) where completed in late November by authors Geoff Ackerley and Wiesje Geldof while the NCEA English Level 1 single standard workbooks where completed in early July last year by author Susan Battye.


Teachers are able to request reading copies of these new workbooks while students and parents can get a good idea of the resource before buying online by downloading a full contents page and a few sample work pages from any workbook off this site.


Keith Busch

Managing Editor of Sigma Publications Ltd