Welcome to Sigma's Renovated Website

Tuesday January 19, 2016 11:01 am by admin

In collaboration with the companies ‘Designer Websites’ and ‘Pepperbot Animation’, Sigma Publications has built a completely new website that shows off our range of English and Maths workbooks to their best advantage, and supplies all the details you as customers need to assure yourselves you are buying quality New Zealand study material for your students or child.


We hope you will find this new site easier to navigate and that it will sit more comfortably on all the devices people use today from laptops to smart-phones. Visitors can take their purchase carts through to the secure EPS commercial transaction site and be assured of complete security for their credit card numbers.


Any account holders will still have the option to pay on account, simply purchase through the shopping cart and you can select 'pay by account' at the payment stage.


Also you will need to keep an eye out for dragons watching you and a strange pencil-person looking at you as he does his homework. We hope you enjoy the experience of Sigma’s new site and of course continue to spread the word about these effective study resources that have for 20 years helped New Zealand kids capture the basics of Maths and writing the English language.


Please join us on our new facebook page or subscribe to our newsletters which will give teachers and parents updates on such things as new editions, new titles and teachers conferences where we will be displaying our workbooks.


Keith Busch

Managing Editor of Sigma Publications Ltd