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Through all lockdown levels, we are sending out orders. For advice on what book to get your student there are samples on each book page on our site.

Write-On Workbooks for the New Zealand Curriculum

The Sigma Publications series of Maths and English write-on exercise workbooks provide excellent teaching resources for Primary, Intermediate, Junior Secondary and NCEA level students. These illustrated and comprehensive workbooks have been developed by New Zealand teachers to support in-class and homework teaching programmes. They are precisely matched to the New Zealand Maths curriculum, and the New Zealand English curriculum, and are ideal to use as replacements for single page comprehension or maths worksheets, providing an all-in-one, cost-effective write-on student resource for the whole school year.

Inside each Sigma workbook you will find :

  • Detailed instruction boxes teaching the key skills 
  • ‘See & do’ worked examples
  • Plenty of practice tasks for classwork or homework
  • Topic tests
  • Full set of answers that is removable
  • New Zealand content for New Zealand students

These workbooks illustrate and practise the up-to-date methods and language for each topic for Years 3 to 13 and are designed to develop essential numeracy and literacy skills for higher levels of student success.

The popular Dragon Maths workbooks for Primary and Intermediate schools is just one of Sigma's series. View our complete selection in both Maths and English in the Catalogue below.

Teachers and students involved in NCEA Level 1 classes in 2016 should be aware that Sigma has completed both the English and the… more

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