Company Founders

Keith Busch

Company Founder

Keith Busch along with Wiesje Geldof co-founded Sigma Publications in 1998. Having built the company over many years, they have now retired to Wellington.


Born in Auckland he attended Mt Albert Grammar School. He completed a BA in Geography and Sociology at Canterbury University in 1972 and then attended Wellington Teachers College. Keith spent 8 years teaching in primary schools then switched to secondary teaching. Keith has always had an interest in curriculum development and delivery and for many years he also ran a small desktop publishing company producing newsletters and annual reports, he left teaching in 1998 to co-found Sigma Publications Ltd with Wiesje Geldof.

“My aim for Sigma Publications is to produce great educational resources that make lessons easier for teachers and learning more fun for students. I believe there is a real need to improve basic numeracy and literacy skills in New Zealand. To be able to read and write and work with numbers is the key to unlocking all other subjects, interests and vocations – the quality teaching of these skills must be our primary educational goal.”

Wiesje Geldof

Company Founder

Wiesje (Pronounced Vee-sha)

Was born in the Netherlands and both her mother and father were maths educators and authors. Wiesje immigrated to New Zealand in 1979 and completed a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science at Canterbury University and then went to Christchurch Teachers College. In 1995 she moved to the Bay of Plenty and taught at Te Puke High School.

“Maths is an essential skill and all skills have to be practised to become learned. I try to make my maths books interesting and use everyday situations to illustrate the use of maths. I believe write-on books reduce the tedium of copying out problems and make the practice required to become better at maths easier and more enjoyable for students.”

Sigma Publications was sold to Graeme and Rowena Robb in 2020.