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Sample Books - Available Only to Schools

Sigma Sample Books - hard copy

Teachers can request a ‘Sigma Sample’ of any title. These are returnable copies which are made available to teachers or schools for a period of review and discussion. Inside the package you will also find a Sigma Catalogue and stamped addressed envelope or courier bag and instructions to enable you to return the books when you've finished. The Sigma Catalogue includes information on curriculum levels and suggested Year Groups. We regret that Sigma Samples are not available to the general public.

Sigma Sample Books - digital copy

We have digital copies of our samples - book contents pages, two pages from each chapter plus one answer page - if you are wanting a sample faster and more efficient than waiting for a courier or needing to return the book to us. When requesting a digital sample through our site, please let us know.

Ways to Request a Sample Book

The easiest way to request your Sigma Sample is to use our FREE PHONE : 0800 274 462
This way we can help you check that you have ordered the correct books for the levels you teach and answer any questions you may have about the format, contents and use of the books. You can also use these other methods of requesting a sample copy.

E-mail your request now to: Sigma's Mailbox or fill out our contact form.

When requesting samples please supply the following information: 
  • school name
  • contact person
  • school address
  • book title(s)
  • digital or hard copy book