Junior Track Maths Workbooks - Second Edition

Junior Track Maths Workbooks - Second Edition

13 July 2022

We now have new second editions of all our junior secondary Track maths workbooks. We have just finished the last update on Fast Track 2 for Year 10 workbook. The second edition copies of these Junior secondary workbooks are denoted by a yellow 'Second Edition' tag on the upper right of the front cover.

As a rule, the updates on these four titles have involved adding new 'problem solving' pages, with number and algebra skills being combined and graphs and patterns being combined. There has also been a general up-date and reorganisation of the statistic chapter to keep it more in line with NCEA expectations. Second editions contain 160 pages compared with 120 in the first editions.

Fast Track 2 is the last title to get a new edition and it is available now. It includes more pages on how to solve problems using algebra, more pages on plotting parabolas and the reorganisation of its statistics chapter as mentioned above. In general the extra pages in all the workbooks enable a 'smoother' transition between topics and allow a more gradual build in topic knowledge

Teachers, if you would like to review the new second editions, please phone Vanessa for samples.


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