NCEA Workbook Series for both English and Maths

NCEA Workbook Series for both English and Maths

16 June 2022

Level 1 NCEA Maths and Stats Workbooks (one for each Standard)
Level 1 NCEA English Workbooks (one for each Standard) 

With the development of the NCEA programme students now have a much wider choice of Achievement Standards at each level. This has made Sigma's larger workbooks covering a full NCEA course, less appropriate. As schools are now free to 'mix 'n match' Standards and build courses that suit their students, full course workbooks do not seem to be meeting the schools' requirements

The solution seems to be to produce a range of smaller workbooks that each cover just a single Achievement Standard. Schools can then select only the workbooks that make up their course(s). When schools start a new Standard, a new workbook can be purchased, thereby spreading costs over the whole year.

Responding to market needs, Sigma is currently producing new single Standard workbooks for NCEA Level 1 Maths, Statistics and English. These workbooks will be based on our current full course NCEA Level 1 workbooks, with extra pages added. They will be around 55 to 80 pages long and their school bulk price will be $6.95 or $7.50 (GST incl).

Sigma will begin publishing these new single Achievement Standard NCEA Level 1 workbooks in August 2014 and over the next 6 months will print a workbook for each of these Standards. Progress information will be available on this website. Click through to the new series and read about the production progress each workbook on its own book page.

As a consequence of the decision to publish our senior NCEA Maths & Stats material in a single standard booklet format, the proposed title 'Fast Track 5S' covering Level 3 NCEA Statistics Standards will now not be published. This material will be contained in the Stats booklets published for Level 3 in approx 2015-16. Sigma intends converting NCEA maths, stats and English material into single standard workbooks to the following general timetable : 2014 - Level 1 Maths, Stats and English;   2015 - Level 2 Maths, Stats and English;   2016 - Level 3 Maths, Stats and English.

Sigma wishes to welcome Auckland teacher, author and playwright Susan Battye onto our staff as a co-writer for our new NCEA English single standard workbooks. 

Sigma also wishes to welcome as Academic Readers the following personnel :  Micheal Hutching (English),  Trish Milner (English),   Stephen Tisch (Stats & Maths),   Wayne Merritt (Maths).


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