EWB AS 1.11 Understanding Visual and/or Oral Texts Workbook

ISBN 978-1-877567-51-3
Curriculum Level Full coverage of NCEA AS 1.11 'Understanding Visual and Oral Texts'
Recommended For Year 11
Number of Pages 80
Edition First

EWB AS 1.11 Understanding Visual and/or Oral Texts Workbook

written for NCEA Level 1 students

Authors : Susan Battye and D. J. Wort

Total of 3 Credits - Internally Assessed
The Sigma Workbook 'AS 1.11 Understanding Visual/Oral Texts' is a write-on student workbook covering the English skills students need to gain AchievedMerit, or Excellence in this NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standard. The work covers only Achievement Standard 1.11 'Understanding of Visual and/or Oral Texts' (AS90856)

This workbook contains a large number of write-on student tasks designed to help students practise the skills necessary to develop a deeper understanding in this area of the New Zealand English curriculum. Students will also find detailed instruction boxes, glossaries and other resources that will develop the ideas, vocabulary and processes needed to gain a high level pass in the internal assessment for this Standard. 

This workbook helps students understand the wide range of visual and oral techniques used in film, TV series, plays, graphic novels, radio monologues, oratory, song, and video gaming. Such areas as lighting, colour, costume, make-up, special effects, sound, film shots, camera angles and use of symbols are explored and how these elements develop the theme, setting, characters and plot of a text. Space is also devoted to showing students the combined effect of these elements. A Model Essay is included showing exactly where the phrases that gain achievementmerit and excellence passes are located. An abbreviated version of Achievement Standard 1.11 is included in the resource. 
A full set of task answers is included, which act as a guide to structuring a quality report. An abbreviated version of Achievement Standard 1.11 is also included in the resource.
Topics Covered in this Workbook Include :
  • A Viewing/Listening Log    
  • Visual Language Features - A Glossary
  • A Glossary of Film Shots      
  • Building Visual Effects      
  • Oral Language Features - A Glossary    
  • Components of Visual/Oral Texts
  • Evoking Atmosphere    
  • The Story Setting     
  • The Plot Structure     
  • The Effect of Plot Complications
  • Turning Points and Climaxes     
  • Character Development
  • Finding the Theme     
  • Using Dialogue     
  • Digetic and Non-Digetic Sound      
  • Combined Techniques - Providing Character Clues
  • A Glossary of Film Editing     
  • Hints for Writing About Techniques     
  • A Model Essay
  • Analysing the Essay Structure     
  • Oral Texts - A Monologue     
  • Oral Texts - Oratory    
  • Oral Texts - A Speech Review     
  • Oral/Visual Texts - A Music Video      
  • Oral/Visual Texts - Gaming 
The Sigma Workbook 'AS 1.11 Understanding Visual/Oral Texts' is best bought before the standard is taught at school and used throughout this time as a classroom and homework resource. Sigma workbooks are also valuable resources when students have missed school through illness or have transferred from other schools and have missed instruction in a particular achievement standard.
Once completed, 'AS 1.11 Understanding Visual/Oral Texts' provides a useful set of revision notes at assessment time. It can be kept as a reference book if students intend taking a Year 12 English  course.

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