MWB AS 1.8 Geometric Representations Workbook

ISBN 978-1-877567-59-9
Curriculum Level Full coverage of NCEA Achievement Standard 1.8
Recommended For Year 11
Number of Pages 48
Edition First

MWB AS 1.8 Geometric Representations Workbook

written for NCEA Level 1 students

Author : Wiesje Geldof

Total of 3 Credits - Internally Assessed

Sigma Maths Workbook 'AS 1.8 Geometric Representations' is a write-on student resource covering the geometry students must understand to gain AchievedMerit, or Excellence in the externally assessed Achievement Standard 1.8 – 'Apply knowledge of geometric representations in solving problems' (AS 91033).

In this workbook students will find clear explanations and detailed worked examples showing the step-by-step processes that will be needed to solve each type of problem, these are followed by a large number of practice exercises and problems of increasing difficulty. At the end of the workbook there are three Achievement Standard Tests: comprehensive problems involving a variety of geometric representations. Candidates should use these to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses before the internal assessment.

A full set of answers is included, which acts as a guide to structuring quality answers. An abbreviated version of the Achievement Criteria and Explanatory Notes of the Achievement Standard itself complete the resource. 

Topics Covered in this Workbook Include :
  • Basic Constructions      
  • Understanding Constructions      
  • Construction Tasks   
  • Isometric Drawings and Views     
  • Nets      
  • Maps and Plans     
  • Locus
  • Revision, Extension      
  • Solving Problems      
  • Achievement Standard Tests        

The Sigma Workbook 'AS 1.8 Geometric Representations'  is best bought before the standard is taught at school and used throughout this time as a classroom and homework resource. Alternatively, the workbook would make an excellent independent study resource in the lead-up to the internal assessment of Achievement Standard 1.8.


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