SWB AS 1.12 Chance and Data Workbook

ISBN 978-1-877567-63-6
Curriculum Level Full coverage of NCEA AS1.12
Recommended For Year 11
Number of Pages 60
Edition First

SWB AS 1.12 Chance and Data Workbook

written for NCEA Level 1 students

Authors : Geoff Ackerley and Wiesje Geldof

Total of 4 Credits - Externally Assessed

Sigma Stats Workbook 'AS 1.12 Chance and Data’ is a write-on student resource covering the statistics students must understand to gain AchievedMerit, or Excellence in the externally assessed Achievement Standard 1.12 – 'Demonstrate understanding of chance and data' (AS 91037).

In this workbook students will find clear explanations and detailed worked examples developing the understanding needed to answer a large variety of statistical questions. At the end of the workbook there is an Achievement Standard Test. Candidates should use this to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses before the external assessment.

A full set of answers is included, which acts as a guide to structuring quality answers. An abbreviated version of the Achievement Criteria and Explanatory Notes of the Achievement Standard itself complete the resource.  

Topics Covered in this Workbook Include :
  • Statistical Literacy     
  • Defining Data   
  • Data Display     
  • Measures of Centre     
  • Making Comparisons     
  • From Sample to Population
  • Time Series   
  • Scatter Plots
  • Interpreting Data
  • Probability and Proportion
  • Theoretical Probability
  • Expectation
  • Expectation and Games
  • Using a Model
  • Achievement Standard Test        

The Sigma Stats Workbook 'AS 1.12 Chance and Data' is best bought before the standard is taught at school and used throughout the topic as a classroom and homework resource. Alternatively, the workbook would make an excellent independent study resource in the lead-up to the external assessment of Achievement Standard 1.12.

Once completed, 'AS 1.12 Chance and Data' provides a useful set of revision notes at assessment time. It can be kept as a reference book if students intend taking a Year statistical 12 courses. 

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5 - 19: $4.50
20+: $4.00