MFT1 Fast Track Workbook 1

ISBN 978-1-877567-70-4
Curriculum Level Revises Level 4 and starts Level 5
Recommended For Year 9
Number of Pages 148
Edition 2nd

MFT1 Fast Track Workbook 1

Author : Wiesje Geldof

‘Fast Track 1, 2nd Edition’ is a write-on student workbook written for able Year 9 students that prepares able maths students for high level passes in their Year 9 course. This book is best bought at the start of the school year and used throughout the year as a homework resource by students who are working towards 'merit or 'excellence' passes. Alternatively, the book may be bought towards the end of the year and used as an independent study programme leading up to final Year 9 exams.

‘Fast Track 1’ has 148 pages. It revises Level 4 and starts Level 5 work from the New Zealand Mathematics and Statistics Curriculum. The Number chapters provide detailed work from Stage 7 (Advanced Multiplicative) and Stage 8 (Proportional) of the Secondary Numeracy Project, while the large Statistics chapter explores the Statistical Enquiry Cycle. Instruction boxes and worked examples appear on almost every page and help students with independent study. At the end of each chapter there is a valuable revision test and a full set of answers is included. Sigma has now perforated all pages so that homework assignments can be handed in while work is ongoing and the answer pages may be retained by the teacher if desired. A handy reference page illustrates the links between'Fast Track 1' chapters and the relevant curriculum levels and achievement objectives. 

Once completed, ‘Fast Track 1’ provides a useful set of study notes at exam time and should be kept and used as a reference book in Year 10.


Number and Algebra Strand
Chapter 1   -  Whole Numbers
Chapter 2   -  Special Numbers
Chapter 3   -  Decimal Numbers
Chapter 4   -  Fractions and Percentages
Chapter 5   -  Expressions and Equations
Chapter 6   -  Patterns and Graphs

Geometry and Measurement Strand
Chapter 7  -   Measurement
Chapter 8  -   Perimeter, Area and Volume
Chapter 9  -   Transformations
Chapter 10  - Shapes, Angles and Directions

Statistics Strand
Chapter 11  - Statistics
Chapter 12  - Probability

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