2024 Literacy Co-Requisite

ISBN 978-1-991124-14-2
Curriculum Level Level 4 and 5
Recommended For Year 11
Number of Pages 112
Edition First

2024 Literacy Co-Requisite

Written for NCEA Level 1 2024 Curriculum

Authors : Lorraine Davis, Peter Boyle


A new format book that combines two assessments -

Total of 10 Credits - Externally Assessed

Sigma Workbook 'Literacy Co-requisite’ is a write-on student resource.

General Introduction to new Literacy Co-requisite Standards Literacy skills are ‘life-skills’ and are among the foundations of lifelong learning and full participation in society.

These skills allow you to make meaning, think critically and creatively, and be able to successfully complete national qualification assessments at Level 1 and above.

The Literacy Co-requisite Standards involve two assessments – one for Reading and one for Writing.

This workbook offers some insight for these new standards, and supporting details to help you be successful in the assessments.


The Literacy Reading 32403 standard

The new Reading standard requires you to be able to read and understand a variety of texts of different types and varying lengths. The topics range from social and environment issues, health and safety situations, media coverage, sports events, school and community events and stories about famous people.

You are expected to make sense of a variety of text types, understand different purposes and be critically aware of how language has been deliberately used.

The questions may require you to match words, label ideas, and answer multiple choice responses.

In particular you will be required to identify writer’s purpose, understand the structure of text types, locate information, identify main ideas, critically assess how certain language features are used, identify bias and misinformation, make basic inferences and predictions, and recognise and select correct and appropriate words.

Quite a lot of knowledge and skills really!


The Literacy Writing 32405 standard

The new Writing standard requires you to write two different types of texts of between 150-350 words in length. One text will be more formal than the other. You need to make sure you plan your ideas and write directly to the purpose required by the task.

You will also be asked some short answer questions to show correct use of punctuation, grammar, appropriate word choice, and spelling.

You need to structure your ideas clearly, develop these and adopt an appropriate tone and manner that the task requires. As well, the language features you select must clearly contribute to different purposes and show a ‘convincing’ writer position. And you must use writing conventions (spelling, punctuation and sentence structures) accurately.


A full set of answers is included, which acts as a guide to structuring quality answers. An abbreviated version of the Achievement Criteria and Explanatory Notes of the Achievement Standard itself complete the resource. 

Topics Covered in this Workbook Include :

  • PIE and the Big Purpose
  • Text Types and Structure
  • Main Ideas
  • Word Classes
  • Punctuation
  • Language Skills
  • Writing Task Examples
  • Types of Writing

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