2024 Numeracy Co-requisite

ISBN 978-1-991124-09-8
Curriculum Level Level 4 and 5
Recommended For Year 11
Number of Pages 74
Edition First

2024 Numeracy Co-requisite

Written for NCEA Level 1 2024 Curriculum

Authors : Wiesje Geldof, Katy Thorne


Total of 10 Credits - Externally Assessed

Sigma Workbook 'Numeracy Co-requisite’ is a write-on student resource.

This book contains notes and practice questions for the relevant Mathematics skills at curriculum levels 4 and 5 from the Number, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability strands, in preparation for the NCEA Numeracy co-requisite US32406. In addition to working through this book, students are advised to gain as much experience in real-world maths as they can. Realistic ideas of measurements and the cost of everyday items, strong concepts of time and how to read timetables and maps will help support them on their Numeracy journey. It is worth noting that the Numeracy Co-requisite assessment is not a test of mental arithmetic or speed of calculations, students are able to have a calculator in the assessment and to take as long as they need to complete it. 

A full set of answers is included, which acts as a guide to structuring quality answers. An abbreviated version of the Achievement Criteria and Explanatory Notes of the Achievement Standard itself complete the resource. 

Topics Covered in this Workbook Include :
  • Number Strategies and Knowledge   
  • Fractions, Percentages and Ratio     
  • Patterns and Relationships   
  • Measurement     
  • Geometric Designs     
  • Shape, Position and Orientation     
  • Statistical Investigations     
  • Probability
  • Mathematical and Statistical Responses        

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