Teachers and students involved in NCEA Level 1 classes in 2016 should be aware that Sigma has completed both the English and the Maths & Stats single standard workbooklets for NCEA Level 1. These new stand-alone workbooks can be purchased at any… more
Level 1 NCEA Maths and Stats Workbooks (one for each Standard) Level 1 NCEA English Workbooks (one for each Standard)  With the development of the NCEA programme students now have a much wider choice of Achievement Standards at each level. This has… more
After an intensive 18 months producing NCEA Level 1 single standard Maths and Stats workbooks Sigma has decided there is a need to produce second editions of its Year 9 and 10 maths workbooks (On Track 1 / Fast Track 1 – Year 9  and  On Track 2 /… more
In collaboration with the companies ‘Designer Websites’ and ‘Pepperbot Animation’, Sigma Publications has built a completely new website that shows off our range of English and Maths workbooks to their best advantage, and supplies all the details you… more
Writing Programme for 2017 Primary/Intermediate/Junior Secondary English Workbooks Action English 8   L. Davis    2nd Edition - available now - PDF version out Nov 2017 Action English 7   L. Davis    2nd Edition - available now - PDF version… more
We now have new second editions of all our junior secondary Track maths workbooks. We have just finished the last update on Fast Track 2 for Year 10 workbook. The second edition copies of these Junior secondary workbooks are denoted by a yellow… more
February 2022   Thank You. A big thank you to all who have already ordered and taken delivery of books for the 2022 year - we do appreciate your business and support. If there is anything that you feel we can do better to help your ordering… more